Mar 1, 2012

Two Years Ago Today...

Two years ago today, the most beautiful, scared, strong willed and sweetest little

 girl in the entire world was placed in our arms.  This was the daughter that we

had prayed for.  Sun Wen Hau (Hau Hau as she was affectionately called by her

foster grandparents, which means good girl) had been loved and very well cared

for; and for that we are eternally thankful for because this allowed her to

eventually trust us and bond.

Today, Gabriella Grace Hau, is the love of our life!  She has blessed us in ways

we didn't even know were possible.  She will come around a corner with the

biggest smile on her face and say "mama, I wuv you" and come up and give me

the biggest hug! She knows the exact buttons to press for her dad and brothers

and that currently is telling them "I have a boyfriend at school and his name is

Eli"...yep that gets all of their attention very quickly!

As you may remember this dynamic duo had some challenges when Gabriella first

 arrived from China and we got past the six week "honeymoon" period.  Nicholas

had been the baby for 12 years and Gabriella wanted to be and knew she was the

baby.  Today, they love each other and get along beautifully....95% of the time. 

They have a very typical brother sister relationship and for that I'm thankful!

Tonight Gabriella chose where went for dinner and she chose the most authentic

Chinese restaurant in our area.  She asked if she could order for herself like a big

girl!  She ordered egg drop soup, rice and fried dumplings...and she said please

and thank you:)

When she eats/drinks her soup it reminds us of the little bit of orphan that still

remains in her in the fact that she will pick up the bowl and drink every last

drop...she has done this since day one.  There are times my heart breaks because

I want her to know that there will always be food for her and yet on the other

hand, I can honestly say that soup is pretty much her food of choice... so it may

just be that she likes it!

Our happy girl!

Sarah has taken our family under her wing at the Chinese restaurant.  She calls

Gabriella Hau Hau and Gabbie just grins and says "Ni Hao Sarah":)  Sarah and I

are actually planning a play date with our girls and I truly feel that God has

brought Sarah into our lives for a reason.  She is a true joy to be around and I

can't wait to get to know she and her family!

God blessed us beyond measure with our daughter and the entire adoption

process!  When people ask how she is doing we are honest and tell them we have

had a text book adoption and we know how lucky and blessed we are! You have

captured your entire families heart Gabriella Grace Hau and we thank God every,

single, day for you and look forward to spending a life time loving the most

precious little girl in the entire world!!


Lilly said...

Happy gotcha/family day Gabriella.

You are growing up so beautifully each day. I remember you like the first day; you were so scared and grieved immensely. However, God knew that you needed a mommy and a daddy to love you and he send you just that. To top the cake, he sent you 3 loving brothers!!!

We celebrated Nathan’s as well. He received his first piggy bank with two 1 dollar bills in it. He is still grinning from ear to ear and can’t wait to decorate it with his favorite dinosaur stickers.

Teresa, Nathan still does that with food, he will shuffle food into his mouth and I have to repeat to him that he can have seconds and thirds if he is still hungry. Sometime, I don’t know if that’s his behavior or boy’s behavior. Oh well, to this day, his favorite fruit is still watermelon!! Remember what watermelon pieces he wanted after eating his own? Yes, the ones that Curtis discarded with the white part at the bottom. I still laugh so hard at that!. He just ask me the other day and I have to tell him to wait until summer  LOL


Rebekah said...

Happy Forever Family Day!!! What a blessing our children are to our families. It is hard to believe that it has been two years...although if you are like me, it also seems like they have been with us forever.
Now, what is this about Gabriella having a boyfriend named Eli? She is supposed to wait for my Robert! :-)

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