May 3, 2011

Expecting from China!

As Curtis and I were driving this weekend I shared with him about how many of my blogging friends and personal friends are expecting from China right now!  It's amazing how God can work in our hearts and lives, calling us to adopt not just orphans, but our children, children who He new from the beginning, being born over 8000 miles away, would call us mommy and daddy!

Let me introduce you to all of the families who are expecting from China!  Lilly, will be joining her forever family this year and this will be her families second adoption from China; they adopted Dan Dan very close to when we adopted Gabriella. Lilly will also be welcomed home by her big sister Brooklyn:)  Gracie will be joining her family later this year as well! She will be welcomed home by three big brothers as well as Wesleigh who came home from China just prior to Gabriella.  Emme will also be joining her family and her three big sisters, one of them being Sienna.  We were blessed to meet Sienna and her family while eating lunch at Lucy's on Shaman Island in China as we adopted Gabriella the same time they were adopting Sienna:)  Ruby has also be blessed with a wonderful family and will be welcomed home by two big brothers as well as her older sister Mya, adopted from China a couple of years ago.  And today, Paul and Devon, Willows family arrived in China to begin their journey to bring Willow home!  Please feel free to click on any of the highlighted names to follow along the amazing journeys that have led these wonderful families to the children God has chosen for them:)

Many of our friends have asked how we did it when it came to adopting Gabriella.  There is a lot of paper work, hoops to jump through and yes the financial side of things. I heard a quote this week that truly summarized it all..."God does not always call the equipped.  He equips those He calls". 


Football and Fried Rice said...

Oh my!! Lots of babies coming home! I love the name Willow :) It was fun to see how close all these families are to be FOREVER families! So.......when ARE you submitting that paperwork for another sister? lol!!


Rebekah said...

Imagine my surprise when I saw your blog had been updated and I quickly clicked, expecting to see that you were adding to your family again...only to see that you mentioned us, along with other families who are returning to China.
Such a sweet thing. Thank you for thinking of our family as we go through the process again, and wait to bring our little girl home. Hopefully, it will be soon for all the families you have listed!

Annbellinski said...

Grammie has tears of joy just thinking about Willow coming home:-)

Annbellinski said...

Grammie has tears of joy just thinking about Willow coming home!

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