Apr 9, 2012

Easter Day

Mr. Easter Bunny did a fabulous job putting baskets together as Mrs. Easter

Bunny had a precious little bunny to take care of the night before Easter who

really wanted her mommy:) 

Gabriella delivered each of the boys baskets to them on Easter morning.

The bunny even left Nicholas a golf net and she carried it as well as his

basket to him!

Gabriella was very happy with what the bunny left her too!

Without a doubt her favorite was a CD of the Fresh Beat Band!  She LOVES

and I mean LOVES this group!!!

Daddy was reading her each of the songs on her new CD.

Gabriella insisted on the high heels to go with her Easter dress this year.  I

wanted to put tights on her with little white shoes but our little four year old

who is going on 14 insisted on high heels!  Oh what we have to look forward

to during the teenage years:)

Nicholas and Gabriella...Jordan had already taken off for the early church


Later in the afternoon all the kids did an egg hunt.

It's amazing that teenagers will even hunt for eggs if they know there are

things they may like in them:)

It was awesome seeing the "kid" side come out in all of them:)

 They were very happy with their treasures:)

Several years ago we began to type coupons the kids could cash in at different

times.  They can be for a day of not doing chores, gas money, planning a

family fun day etc.  The most popular is that we give them a certificate for a

certain dollar amount they can cash in for spending money when we go on

vacation in the summer.  This one works out great as they know they have a

budgeted amount of spending money to use while they are gone and it makes

them think before they spend it!

Gabriella loved one of hers...as it's a trip to the zoo!!  While the eggs are fun

we all know the true reason we celebrate Easter and it is Christ, who showed

unconditional love for us by dying on the cross for our sins and rising on

Easter day!


Becca said...

What sweet picture ... you have a beautiful family! And, I LOVE the idea of adding coupons to the eggs ... I'm definitely going to have to borrow that one. :) Thanks for sharing!

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