Apr 25, 2012

Gabriella and I celebrated our first preschool Mothers Day!  It is a little early 

but that's ok because we had a wonderful time!!  I truly don't know who was 

more excited about this day...her or I!!

Gabriella walking with one of her friends on our way down to the chapel to 

sing songs with Pastor Stan!

Gabriella and "C" hugging each other!  I think Gabriella found someone who 

likes to hug each other as much as she does!

Gabriella and "M" outside!  These two are just precious together!!!  

She may have a dress on but it's not going to stop her going down the slides 

and having fun!  That's my girl!

The girls in the playhouse eating their pretend lunch:)

Gabbie taking the order of a customer .....

Boys...just tell me what you would like LOL!!

This was my place-mat when I sat down for our "Muffins with Mom brunch!  

Look at those precious little hand prints!!!

This card was also on the place-mat.... 

We had a WONDERFUL time during our mother's day brunch and morning 

activities.  I absolutely LOVE Gabriella's preschool!  The teachers are amazing 

and she is learning so much about God and Jesus!  During circle time at the 

end of our day the kids were each asked to say one special thing about their 

mom.  You never know what a child may say so I was prepared for anything!  

Gabriella said "I love my mommy because she makes my favorite food"...now 

keep in mind I'm thinking chicken as she loves it, or maybe "Gabbie's dip" 

which I will post the recipe for very soon...nope she said "macaroni and 

cheese"!  Yep, my baby girl has become Americanized!  She still LOVES her 

Chinese food so her response sort of surprised me!  Needless to say on our 

next trip to the store I stocked up on plenty of mac and cheese!

the long road


Teri said...

What a fun day for Mom and daughter. Love the placemat!

Diane said...

Awwww, these photo's are just precious...I love the first one of you both together:)
Pre-school is a big step! She is going to have soooooo much fun!
Have a wonderful weekend!
God Bless,

Sophi Belle said...

Your little girl is a sweetie. :)

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed reading thru your posts. Your little girl is adorable. The picture of her ready to go down the slide is so cute.

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