Apr 19, 2012

Guess Who's Home...

I will give you one guess who is HOME for a few days???  It's Daniel! 

 He is here from North Carolina!  To say Gabriella was squealing with 

excitement the day before, day of and even the day after he arrived is an 

understatement!  She is soooo excited to have her oldest brother home!!!

She is enjoys hanging out with her brothers and considering these two are the 

ones who spoil her the most she is truly at the height of her glory!!

The great news is that you will be seeing many more pictures like this as 

Daniel will be relocating much closer to us in six weeks!  We are ALL very 

excited to have our family closer together again and look forward to spending 

a lot more time together!!!

the long road


SimonaN said...

Great captures and I can understand why she is happy!

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