Apr 9, 2012

Our Little Rapper...

When we received Gabriella's referral from China one thing her paper work

stated was that she LOVES music and LOVES to dance!!  Oh were they right!! 

Our baby girl absolutely loves music and dancing!!

The night before Nicholas left for Florida and Jordan was already in Haiti, and

we were all a little nervous as we had not heard from the Haiti group, some of

our dear friends came over for the evening and we had a cookout!  They have

a a Nicholas as well...so the boys came up with a variety of names to

differentiate when we said Nicholas.  "Nick at night" is the older Nick and

"Nick Jr" is the younger Nicholas:)

Nick Jr got out the IPad and turned on an edited version of a song that his

sister heard at several weddings last year and likes to dance to.

They all enjoyed dancing to the song and had a good time!  Nick at Night also

filled in for Nick Jr's big brother and helped him through a major Ipod crisis

prior to leaving for Florida...thank you Nick!!!

She loves the camera!!

They all had a great evening and we eventually heard that the Haiti group was

safe a sound...a perfect ending to a wonderful night!!!


Rebekah said...

How cute! Gabriella looks like she fits right in with the big boys!!!

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