Apr 3, 2012

It's Pretty Quiet Around Here...

As I shared in our previous post Jordan left for a mission trip in Haiti last

Friday.  Sunday Nicholas left for Florida for a Campus Life trip!  Campus Life is

a dynamic Christian group for kids and Nicholas looks forward to going each

week.  When he found out they were going to Florida for spring break he

begged  asked to go.  To be honest, our entire family was sort of surprised as

Nick sticks pretty close to home; so for him to want to travel 800 plus miles

away, for five days, we all felt that was a HUGE step!!  Papaw and Grandma

were very excited too and as we had already committed to help Jordan go to

Haiti, they offered to cover Nicholas Florida trip, and to say he was thrilled

was an understatement!!!

However, with Jordan in Haiti and Nicholas in Florida it is very calm and quiet

around our home.  While quiet and peaceful is nice, we are extremely excited

to have the boys home and for them to share all of their stories of their spring

break trips with us! 


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