Apr 30, 2012

Let the Summer Begin!!!

Saturday was a wonderful day at Indiana Wesleyan University as 555 

students, our largest class, graduated!!  It was a graduation that was filled 

with God's presence and lots of excitement! Along with the excitement of the 

students, also comes excitement from the professors as many of us are now 

beginning our summer break!!  It's not realistic to think we don't work at all 

because we are always learning and looking for new ways to enhance learning 

for our students, finding the latest evidence based teaching or practice 

models etc, however it does mean that we spend a lot more days at home 

with the ones we love!!!  

Rebel, our beloved kitty, was the first to notice something was different this 

morning!  He had his soft cat food he gets in the morning, took a bath then 

settled into "his spot" on the couch on the sun porch and then realized...he 

wasn't alone!  

The look on his face told the story as if to say..."she really shouldn't be here 

right now, did you forget something mom, like going to work and taking 

Gabbie to the babysitter; it's really time for my nap and it's not happening"!

By 8:30 this morning I had gone on a 40 minute exercise walk with a dear 

friend and my new walking buddy, then came home and began reading in my 

women's Bible!  A perfect way to begin our summer break!!

 This month is filled with lots of excitement as Jordan will be graduating from 

high school in June!  I've been sorting through pictures to make books for his 

open house, working on planning the menu and all the details for his big day!  

Another thing my family is looking forward to is with mom being home more, 

that equates to many more home cooked meals!  I've already been over here 

looking for some new recipes and and oh have I found some yummy ones!!!  

As you can see Gabriella loves cooking as much as I do so I don't have a 

doubt I will have a little helper in the kitchen every step of the way!! 


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